Extremamente Clarice. Um texto absolutamente incr�vel da Clarus, uma ficwriter f� de RuroKen que adora yaois com o Kenshin. De um desafio chamado "100 words". Pode contar.

Toba Fushimi

Duck, dodge, thrust--parry the next attack--he's open--and strike--and he's dead and done and I move on, a spinning, leaping, running thing, attacking and maiming, leaving these men dead behind me, lying in their own blood, breathing--gasping--clutching at the earth--dying--drowning in their blood-- stop it stop it stop thinking like that just get to the other side--the other side--where their general is on his horse not moving just commanding just watching his men die--when he dies and it's over it's over it's over I can go--there! I'm here and he's here and I spin and cut and he's dead and it's DONE!

beijos da Prudence-chan
PS: Eu n�o pedi autoriza��o dela pra postar isso... espero que ela n�o fique brava comigo ^_^

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